Equine Dentistry

Regular routine dental maintenance ensures the horse is free from pain or discomfort whilst eating or whilst being ridden, improving eating efficiency, bit accommodation and helping prevent dental disease in old age. Dental abnormalities can cause discomfort while eating leading to altered chewing patterns that may reduce the efficiency of mastication affecting the horse's health and welfare also allowing dental abnormalities to gradually worsen. These dental abnormalities can also cause riding and biting discomfort and may restrict the movement of the lower jaw limiting the horse's athletic performance. 

I discuss with the owner the horse's history, current condition and any issues before a complete intra-oral examination using a high quality headlight and oral mirror prior to treatment. Each horse will be given an individual treatment plan. I aim to work using the most modern techniques and latest equipment available. All treatment will be carried out in a calm and quiet manner and fully explained. Each horse will be provided with a digital Equine Dental Maintenance Record to chart all the dental work that has been carried out for future reference and any aftercare or further treatment plans.

BSc (Hons) Equine Dental Science | BAEDT Member | BEVA Approved | BVDA Approved

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